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Arya Samaj World Wide

Jul 9 • Featured, World Wide • 5106 Views • 1 Comment

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Arya Samaj World Wide is the online directory of all the Arya Samaj institutions across the world. This is directory is updated very frequently and is managed by Delhi Arya Pratinidhi Sabha. The purpose of this directory is multi-fold. The most important among all is showing the presence of Arya Samaj on the global map.

If your Arya Institution is not marked on this map, please get in touch with us with as much details as possible about your institution at thearyasamaj@gmail.com and we will take the necessary steps.

Aum, Krinwanto Vishwamaryam


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One Response to Arya Samaj World Wide

  1. VIKRANT SINGH says:

    namaskar and pranam to all my fellows and elders,
    i just want to enlighten that in few places like TITAGARH,(NORTH 24 PARGANAS,WEST BENGAL,INDIA) where i live now having a school name TITAGARH ARYA VIDYALAYA under state gov. aided ,school benefits the local residents who are poor labours who worked in jute mills of near by.
    now in the name of Arya Samaj some notorious people that also includes some retired teachers of that particular school fighting to hold all the financial and admin works of school as well as they are also having cases in the name of school so that it comes under Arya Samaj pratinidhi Sabha not for the wellness and betterment of school but for appointing teachers by taking bribes in the school already having fund manipulation previously.
    please help few people taking membership under Arya Samaj and misusing the name.
    it is the one of the oldest school in the area.these people are spoiling the name of Arya Samaj and also forcefully taken the Arya Samaj Mandir for their personal uses where as it was expected a girls school for the poor and for needy will come up for helping to uplift the society.
    i request to the members of Arya Samaj plz see.matter is might be irelevance for many of you might be even small but beleive me the impact is bad for the Arya Samaj as well beleivers.
    hope support will be come up by veiwing this post.
    thanking you all,


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