Diwali Festival Celebrations

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P1080062 P1080063 P1080064 P1080065 P1080066 P1080068 P1080072 P1080084 P1080086To realise the real message behind Deepāvali, we have to ignite the ‘light’ within our inner self. To remind us of how to follow the supreme light of lights to enlighten our understanding; the festival of Diwali was celebrated by Arya Samaj West Midlands on 9th November 2013 with great commitment and devotion. Arya Samaj propagates universal doctrine of humanity and works for the welfare of one & all. Hence as in previous years, this time too, many people from different communities attended the event. It was heart warming to see so many new faces enjoying themselves in the festivities. The message is to all people of the world to move from darkness to light– ‘Tamaso ma jyotir gamaya’. The event started with Havan Yajna and taking the spark from the yajna, Patron Mr G Chandra and Chair Trustees Dr Narendra Kumar lit the Lamp of Saraswati; and Sanjive Mahandru, Roshni Joshi and their team lit the Deeyas in & around the Bhawan. Then the Cultural programme followed. After the first Pooja dance based on ‘Gayatri Mantra’ Dr Narendra Kumar welcomed all and thanked the members of ASWM who have worked hard to organise this event. The performances at this function, as commented by the audience, were of highest level. Jesica who has performed at many interfaith events put together a fusion where the massage was that =One ‘Deeya’ is enough to kindle the light of hope in our hearts. The children’s’ performance on a song -‘WE are Flowers’ composed by a Swedish lady Cicilia and choreographed by Dr Jesica Sannaiah sent a poignant message that children should be cherished and handled with tender love & care. Solo performances by Nimisha and Annpurna were simply mesmerising. It goes without saying that Suketu Yadav’s song was appreciated heartily by the audience. Talent displayed by ‘Divya Arya Children’ in back to back dance performances on the theme of Unity in Diversity of India was spell-binding. Maharishi Dayanand Saraswati attained Nirvana on the day of deepavali. Roshni Joshi gave her talk on the different aspects and reasons why Diwali is celebrated in India.  Acharya Ji further shed light on the reasons and traditions on why Diwali is celebrated since centuries all over Indiaand wherever Indian Diaspora is, with such an enthusiasm and devotion. In the end, Raffle was drawn by two young children Nikhilesh and Subramanium, and prizes given away by Patron Mr G Chandra and Dr Kumar. The prizes (11 in number) donated by the members of ASWM were liked and appreciated by all the winners. Some 125 people relished the Rishi Langar provided by the ASWM. The team work, zeal and the ambience of the whole event   had been very impressive.  Especial thanks goes to Mr Ashok Sarna & Team for Catering duties, Mrs Chanchal Jain for the sale of Raffle tickets, to Dr Jesica for all the extra hours she had put in to prepare such high level of performances; and to Mr Dhan sukh Rana for the peace of mind provided to the audience by his Car Security duties. Once again, on behalf of the Trustees and the community of ASWM, Our felicitations and heartiest gratitude to all who made the event such a success with their help and co-operation.

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