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World Health Day: April 07




Pashyema sharadah shatam ||

Jeevema sharadah shatam ||

Budhyema sharadah shatam ||

Rohema sharadah shatam ||

Pushema sharadah shatam ||

Bhavema sharadah shatam ||

Bhuyema sharadah shatam ||

Bhuyasee sharadah shataat ||

(AtharvaVeda 19.67.1-8)


O, Eeshvar (God)! We pray for a full life (100+ seasons),

  • A wonderful life full of wellness:
  • A life full of seeing (understanding: acceptance, compassion, empathy)
  • A life full of living (no scarcity, i.e. abundance & no extravagance, i.e. moderation)
  • A life full of learning (acquire knowledge & apply it in day-to-day life)
  • A life full of ascending (grow well- a sound body, mind & spirit)
  • A life full of thriving (prosper both materially & spiritually)
  • A life full of growing (peace, progress & prosperity)

The Veda promote a holistic concept of wellness: a long healthy life without disease, incorporating a balanced life where abundance nurtures moderation; a healthy lifestyle with a good dosage of tangibles (healthy food habits, regular exercise, clean environment, etc.) and intangibles (gratitude, love, compassion, empathy, meditation, prayer, etc.).


The 6th principle of the Arya Samaj elaborates its vision & mission as: ‘to do good to the whole world, i.e. the uplift of the physical, mental/ moral/spiritual & social conditions of all’. (1875)


The World Health Organisation’s definition of health promotes an identical approach:

Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.” (1948)


charya Bramdeo
Atlanta, GA, USA,
Arya Sabha Mauritius | Greater Atlanta Vedic Temple 


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